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Who We Are

We are innovators that apply electric vehicle and green energy technology where the value is in the solution not the component. With the TWIG philosophy of the whole is greater, value is achieved that is greater than the sum of the parts.

With the system perspective, a TWIG Power solution makes the right choices at the component level for greater overall success. This includes thinking beyond pure component BOM cost aspects and addressing assembly, service, and lifecycle to reduce the soft costs that are difficult to quantify but carry a high burden. Further, we look to align with technology that is right sized to our customers and enable our mutual success.


Our Mission

Enable the North American solution for light electric vehicle powertrain and complementing clean energy technology.

The complexity of electrification combined with the compact nature of light vehicles, such as motorcycles, requires all components work together without overlapping functionality. This creates the necessity to leave behind off the shelf components and build a system solution that is optimized for the vehicle. Furthermore, electrification reshapes the energy storage use case. True electrification must embrace the clean energy opportunity presented by decoupling greenhouse emissions from the point of use.

Core Values


We are passionate about every step of the electrification process. From PCB Design to testing to documentation.


We are committed to improving our products to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability. 


We develop processes for the whole electrification process, ensuring quality and consistency for every component.

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